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A night in Germany


The trip began in Germany. Fields of lush green, speckled with sheep. Stone steps lead to a secret garden with a backdrop of rolling hills. Fresh eyes awaken to quiet steets during the golden hour. 




We traveled from Nasingen Germany, to Luxembourg. We stopped at the Brandenbourg Castle ruins then continued on to Luxembourg City. We saw the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin and Bock Casemates; ancient catacombs that are worth exploring. After a much needed espresso and lunch in a funky coffee shop, we ventured on. 


Bruges, Belgum

A foggy, chilly day didn't stop us from exploring, climbing twisted stairs to the top of the clock tower to take in the view of the city. We wandered into small galleries and enjoyed a mid day Belgium waffle. Take in the architecture, enjoy a brew and the small shops in this beautiful city.  


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Expand your mind in this city, discover the many art museums and be sure not to miss the Van Gogh Museum. Take a canal tour to get a great view of the city. Enjoy the architecture of the leaning 17th Century buildings. 

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