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Tram in front of Burgtheater,  Vienna/Austria

Vienna Austria 


Museums in Vienna

A lifetime could be spent exploring museums in this incredible city. We spent several hours at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. The architecture was awe inspiring, the history mind blowing and the entire experience was spectacular! If we had more time we would have explored more museums, so I guess we'll just have to return to Vienna someday. One thing is for sure, if you visit Vienna, you must visit museums.  


The beauty of the city

I absolutely loved just wandering the city and taking in all of the amazing monuments, gardens and architecture. There is beauty around every corner.

St. Stephen's Cathedral and Catacombs 

Saint Stephen's Catacombs in Vienna are an underground burial site dating back to the Early Christian era. Located beneath the city's iconic St. Stephen's Cathedral. These catacombs were originally used as a burial ground for the city's early Christians in the 4th century AD. 

I recommend taking the tour of the catacombs to learn about the historical significance and experience the underground tunnels beneath the cathedral. The tour is cash only and is about $25. 

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