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Discovering new foods is an exciting part of traveling and experiencing new cultures. On this page I'll be sharing some of my favorites

Good eats in Japan

So much to eat, so little time!

What can I say about the food in Japan other than it's incredible and delicious! Not only was the food amazing, but the dining experience was one to remember. From the sea food to the sweets, it is all good!


One thing I struggled to get used to was yelling for the waiter when we were ready to order because they don't just come over to you like they do in the states. It took some time to muster up the courage to yell "Sumimasen" (excuse me) when we were ready to order, and honestly I made my husband do it most of the time. 


Also there were vending machines around the city where you can get a can of hot coffee or a snack, yes that's right a can of coffee. Remember to drink it there as it is frowned upon to walk around with food or drink, so take a minute to enjoy your snack right there and then throw out your trash. One thing I noticed was how clean the city was and maybe that is a reason why.

Got a sweet tooth? Well fresh Mochi was my favorite treat! The crepes are to die for, the only difficult task is choosing which flavor or combination of flavors to indulge in. 

Good eats in Argentina

Meat, pizza and wine oh my!

A glass of Malbec, Cabernet or Syrah are the ones to order. Argentinians know how to pour a glass of wine so enjoy a glass or two! 


Did someone say Argentine BBQ? Eat meat in Argentina! I loved the blood sausage and suckling pig. Yes, I'll admit I felt guilty trying it and even more so liking it! When I travel I like to try different things and Parrillada came highly recommended, it's a variety of meet brought out on a sizzling platter. We went to La Estancia Asador Criollo in San Nicolas.


Pizza in Buenos Aires is a staple, so be sure to indulge, sometimes the random restaurants you may stumble upon are the best.

Other foods to try:

  • Chimichurri: Green salsa that comes as a side w/meat 

  • Empanadas (pastry pockets) go to Cumana in Rocoleta @ Rodriguez Pena 1149. 

  • Choripan or "sausage bread" sandwich: Grab one @ the San Telmo Street fair. 



Delicious and nutritious! 

I absolutely love the food in Greece! Greek salad with no shortage of feta cheese, Gyros with fries and the most delicious gelato ever! Ouzo is the traditional liquor and it's anise flavor is perfect after a meal. I recommend trying it at Brettos in the Plaka district. Be sure to explore the Evripidou Street Market to discover amazing spice shops and traditional Greek products. There are also many rooftop bars and restaurants to choose from and it's a great way to see Athens from above. 



The food in Portugal feels like comfort food and who doesn't love that?!

Foods (and drinks) I recommend trying are: 

  • Ginjinha: A Portuguese liquor made of cherry like berries

  • Sardines: Canned or grilled, they are delicious!

  • Mulled wine: It was so nice on a cool evening. 

  • Soup/Stew: There are several different soups and stews to choose from, I had the best fish stew I've ever tasted!

  • Pastel de Nata: a delicious egg tart pastry that goes perfect with a cup of coffee. 

  • Port wine, drinking port wine in Portugal is a must!

  • Seafood: Eat all the seafood you can! The cod is delicious and prepared in many different ways. 

Beef Stew

Good Eats in Budapest


Paprika chicken over homemade noodles was one of my favorite meals. I also recommend picking up some Hungarian spices to bring home. 


Goulash is Hungarian comfort food and definately worth enjoying during your visit!


Delicious Bratislava, Slovakia 

Eating in Bratislava is a joyous occasion, at least it was for us! We enjoyed delicious crapes and coffee in the morning, lunch at trendy cafes and hardy homecooked meals for dinner. There are also several pubs and breweries to choose from or head to a café for dessert and mulled wine on a chilly evening. 

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