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What a long flight! Wow it is worth it!

We had the pleasure of staying in the heart of Buenos Aires.

Here are some things we did:

Street Fairs

We hit up a bunch of them and had the best time doing it! A bird did poop on my head, but that's supposed to be good luck right? This is how you see great street art, live music, stumble upon hip record stores, enjoy the cuisine of the locals, meet talented artists, and buy gifts for yourself and loved ones.


Feria de San Telmo: Antiques and colorful gifts. Open all day Sunday at Defensa Street, Plaza Dorrego. The area of San Telmo where this fair is located boasts colorful graffiti art and cobblestone streets. Mercado San Telmo in the middle of the fair. Coffee shop inside.


Feria de Recoleta aka Feria de Artesanos de Plaza Francia: Music and gifts galore at half the price of other places. Open Saturday & Sunday from 12-6pm @ Plaza Francia (Recoleta, next to the cemetery). There are also great local galleries in the neighborhood. 

Feria Artesanal Palermo Viejo: Open Saturdays & Sundays from 2-7pm @ Plaza Armenia, Malabia and Costa Rica in the area of Palermo Soho. This is a unique neighborhood to explore fun shops, spot street art and purchase hand made gifts. 

Feria de Plaza Serrano aka Feria Cortazar: Bohemian arts and crafts, low key restaurants, boutiques. This fair is also in the Palermo Soho area. Open Saturday & Sunday from 12-7pm @ Plaza Serrrano, corner of Serrano or Borges and Honduras.  


Other Notables

Museum MALBA is great for a day of art. Open from 12 to 8pm, closed on Tuesdays and half price day is Wednesday. There is also an amazing Japanese garden close by that is a wonderful Zen experience! 

Recoleta Cemetery; Evita Peron grave site. An absolute must see. This was a beautiful somber experience I won't ever forget. A labyrinth of coffins and crypts. There is a rich history here with many historic monuments. As you explore there will be many loved stray cats who will roam with you. 


La Boca: I love this neighborhood. There is a strong Italian flavor and you're likely to see couples dancing Tango in the streets. Colorful buildings, local art to purchase and shops to explore. Plenty of food and drink to choose from. There is a lot to see in this area.

San Nicolas and the government district. It's worth taking a long walk around the area to check out the government buildings and obelisk. Expect to see peaceful protests.  


Be sure to:


  • Drink Mate in the park on the weekend like a local. 

  • Go thrift shopping. 

  • Check out the local galleries.

  • Watch Tango, often times people dance in the streets, remember to tip. 

  • Enjoy the local bars and restaurants, we met awesome people just going out. 

  • Take the subway! Some are very old and its fun to see the antique glass sconces in the cars, and the door operator opens the doors with a key! Then you get out and go up the wooden escalator!

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